The beauty of the RECON solution is in its simplicity. ViewPort Wireless establishes a service area, and all you do is tag your assets and configure the alerts you want to receive using a standard web browser.

icons_red_laptopAvailable Asset Tags

Asset Tracker

Asset tracker

Asset Tracker – Attach to physical assets, like vehicles, equipment, motors, doors, pumps and virtually any external sensor. They are waterproof and have a battery that can go up to two years before recharging.

Personal Tracker

Asset tracker

Personal Tracker – These small, light weight tags are designed to be carried on a belt or in a purse or briefcase. They have a removable belt clip and a panic button that can be configured to send a custom message to the recipients you choose.

WaterWays™ End-point

Asset tracker

WaterWays™ End-point – These potted waterproof tags are specially designed for reading water meters, yet also provide backflow detection, leak detection and much more.

icons_red_bubbleAlert Messages for Assets

Receive instant notifications if an asset begins to move, or stops moving. Receive a text message when a door opens after hours or when someone passes through a room. Receive an alert when the temperature of a refrigerator or freezer rises to an unsafe level or when a server room begins to overheat.

Set your own custom alerts for each asset so you can be notified when a condition has occurred. Receive alerts directly to your mobile phone and e-mail. Set alerts based on:

  • Temperature
  • Motion
  • Open/close
  • Accumulated operating hours
  • Location (for service areas which support location services)
  • And more…

Each alert can be based on the day of the week and time of day.


icons_red_bubbleBrowser Based Software

There is no software to buy, no software maintenance fees, and no protracted integration process.

The user software includes a feature-rich, easy-to-use web-based platform that is used to manage asset tags and configure event alerts.

Tracking and monitoring data is available online and can easily be integrated into a user’s customized business systems.


Use any modern browser to access all features of the RECON system.


RECON also provides a free iPhone application which can be used to configure, monitor and track tags.

The RECON system offers a wide variety of configuration options. Read more on the Functions to get a glimpse of the system's flexibility.