Shenoa Lawrence

Loving what you do is your job.
Showcasing it is mine.

Your business should have an online presence that reflects the passion and art you apply every day to your products and services. A craftsmanship approach to logo design and web site development ensures you have the best opportunity to demonstrate what’s unique about what you offer.


A few kind words

She is easily one of the most driven, dedicated, and reliable developers I’ve ever worked with.

Keith Nerdin,

When I started my own company, Shenoa was my first choice for web design and marketing assistance.

Scott Atkinson,
Napa Valley Materials

Shenoa combines expert-level knowledge of effective site design with keen insight into brand-building. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

John Golden,
John Golden Acupunture


Development & Web Design

Barush Woodworking
Bronco Farm Supply
Design and Build
Napa Valley Materials
Design and Build
Queensgate Storage
Design and Build
Stone Ridge Events
ViewPort Wireless
Design and Build
Zoe Griffin Acupuncture
Design and Build

Branding & Logo Design


Big or small, all my clients are treated like family.

I’ve participated in both short and long term projects, sometimes as the lead, and sometimes as a supporting member of the team. The commonality is collaboration, with an eye towards project success.

USGS Pure Eire Dairy Gonzaga University


What about you Shenoa?

One of my biggest priorities is the development of a partnership-oriented working relationship. Just because you don't have a designer in-house doesn't mean you can't have the benefits of a designer on your team. Here’s a few essentials about working with me: I can’t imagine a career without design and code. I will openly share my knowledge with anyone and be candid where my knowledge runs thin. This industry presents me the opportunity for inifite creativity and growth, and each day I see myself expanding to suit.

Some Technical Details